Crystallize your home with these iridescent, sparkly art crystals. Get one or the entire bundle to add to your nightstand, bookshelf or windowsill and watch the light reflect off the shiny surfaces. 


Each piece has been uniquely created by me and is one-of-a-kind, or your money back guaranteed! Get one piece or the entire bundle for just $49.99! 


If you'd like to bundle two or three pieces together, please leave me a message on the chat window or email me through the contact form. Happy shopping! 



Crystal Clear

  • Item is NOT microwave or dishwasher safe. If it should get dirty, simply rinse with water. 

  • Please look at correspondin number on the last image. 

    #1,3,7: 1.46"W x 2.28"D

    #2: 2.05"W x 3.46"D

    #4,5: 1.97"W x 1.26"D

    #6: 1.54"W x 2.32"D


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