These ethereal beautiful maroon and passion purple coasters are made with alcohol inks painted onto ceramic tiles, and coated with layers upon layers of varnish. Each piece has been uniquely handcrafted in Brooklyn, NY to harness your zodiac power and provide beauty to your home. But, while they do a great job of enhancing your living space, these babies are also killer at making your guests feel like they've been invited to hang at the stylish abode of today's IT girl or guy. 


Buy your favorite solo piece for $8.99 or the entire set for just under $25. This colorful product is guaranteed to liven up your home and accentuate your sexy and fiery Scorpio spirit, so be sure to grab 'em before they're gone!  

Scorpio Sizzle

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  • Each tile coaster has been sealed with a water and UV resistant sealant, so while the colors won't rub off easily, harsh chemicals, excessive scrubbing, or dishwasher use is not recommended. The best way to clean these babies is to rinse quickly in cold water and wash gently with dishwashing soap. 

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